LA Business Personnel, Inc.

LA Business Personnel ServicesLA Business Personnel has provided qualified personnel to companies since 1988.

Since 1988, LA Business Personnel has provided many small, medium and large firms and major corporations with experienced temporary and regular full-time personnel.

Legal Secretaries, Legal Word Processors, Paralegals, Law Clerks, Executive Secretaries, Secretaries, Administrative Assistants, Word Processors, Receptionists, File Clerks, Data Entry Clerks, Customer Service Reps, A/P & A/R Clerks, Bookkeepers and Technical/IT Support Staff.

Temporary Placements. Our temporaries are paid by us. We take care of ALL payroll tax expenses including disability and unemployment benefits. We provide a $1,000,000 worker's compensation insurance coverage for our temps. If anything happens to them, LA Business Personnel is responsible. Not you.

Regular Full-time Placements. No more wasted advertising, hours of interviewing, taking your chances and time-consuming headaches to find the right regular full-time employee. LA Business Personnel has already done all of that for you. It cost you nothing to you until you hire someone.

Our staff is professional, friendly and helpful. Given the opportunity, you will find that we work extra hard to make sure that you have the right person working in your office.


LA Business Personnel, Inc.
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